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          適用范圍Application Range


          XGT9-12 switchgear is a three-phase AC air-insulated fixed indoor switchgear. It can be equipped with FT8 high-breaking indoor high-voltage AC vacuum load switch, FT8 high-breaking indoor high-voltage AC vacuum load switch-fuse combination electric appliance and VT28 indoors high-voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker is suitable for 12kV three-phase AC 50 HZ single bus system. It is used for receiving and distributing electric energy, it has the functions of controlling, protecting, monitoring the line. It can be widely used in the urban and rural distribution, secondary substation, new energy power stations, airports, railways, large buildings, factories and other places.

          產品特點Product Features











          1. Miniaturization: The dimensions for C、F、V type switchgear are 500mm and the dimensions of switch height is small, the cable wiring height is not less than 650mm while #he switchgear height is 1800mm;

          2. Integration: The intergration design of the load switch (circuit breaker), the disconnector, the earthing switch and the fuse;

          3.The 1250A disconnector adopts patent technology, the current carrying ability is strong, which is applicable for the 110% temperature rise requirement of state grid;

          4.Adopt metal partitions to divide the bus compartment and cable compartment, which meets the requirement of PM compartments and LSC2 Type switchgear;

          5.The appearance and dimensions of load switch and circuit breaker are exactly the same, which is convenient for installation of switchgear, and facilitates the expansion and combination of the switchgears;

          6.When the disconnector is in opening status, the distance between the disconnecting knife and the ground is still more than 125mm;

          7. The perfect "five prevention" interlock device, the operating mechanism and the “five prevention" interlock mechanism are integrated in the operating mechanism box. The box adopts interlock design, which may prevent misoperation directly and reliably;

          8. The switch may still be carried out mechanical characteristic test after it is installed in the switchgear;

          9. All the live parts of every phase of the load switch (or the circuit breaker) are supported by the single insulator bushing with compact structure;

          10.The switch may be inverted to install. The switchgear may be installed against the wall.

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